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 Keep both the gutter machine and the surrounding work area clean and free of dust, dirt and debris. Routinecleaning of the entire gutter machine will help extend the life of all mechanical and electrical components of the gutter machine.

In particular, a clean gutter machine and work area will help prevent the presence of foreign objects into the gutter machine, which can most likely damage mechanical components. 


Every month, oil the following parts with #30 weight motor oil or equivalent: 

  • All sprockets and roller-chain
  • All set-screw pressure adjustments
  • Left guide-cranks and right hem-adjusters
  • Blade, guides and other moving parts of the cut-off assembly

Every month, grease all gears with axle grease or equivalent.

Bearings are self-lubricating, requiring no maintenance


Damaged or Marred Roller Surface 

Cracks on the roller surface will generally scratch or mark painted coil stock. Eliminate this

problem by rubbing out any marks on the roll forming surface with fine-grade emery cloth. 

Dirty Rollers 

Solvents, such as mineral spirits, may be used to remove paint, grease, and dirt from the rollers. Galvanized

materials will leave a residue on the rollers that will mark painted stock. If changing from galvanized to

painted material, clean the rollers with a galvanization remover, such as Galv-Off.


Gutter Machine Electrical System Components 

Each month you should inspect all the electrical components of the gutter machine; look for loose, exposed or frayed wires, loose connections, burned insulation, or any other things out of the ordinary. Repair any problems immediately. Do not operate the gutter machine if electrical problems exist. Any problem presents a shock hazard that could cause serious injuries.


If the gutter machine sits idle for more than one month, the roll formers should be coated with wax to prevent accumulation of dirt and any corrosion of the roll forming surfaces.