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The History of Rain Chains

What? A rain chain? What’s that? What do you mean it has been around for a long time? Well, yes, rain chains have been around for quite some time. Try hundreds of years and the fact that they have been quite functional all of this time. As for the functions they have served, it has varied since the Japanese developed this concept. Nevertheless, they have been used as a part of a gutter system for quite some time. As for how that works, the rain chain funnels water into a bowl of your choosing. At one time, that water was used for practical purposes. Nowadays, there are still uses for that water, although it is not safe to drink.

It is fair to say that the Japanese created rain chains for a reason and they have evolved throughout the years. At some point, someone apparently looked at a rain chain and said, “I love that!” and they used it as a decorative item that actually has a function. Since then, there are all of these incredible designs that have come about. So yes, the rain chain is a very old idea and we are now putting some wild twists on this old concept.

Some of the Twists and Turns

One of the most popular is the copper rain chain. This is because a person can literally make this rain chain look like it originated in Japan hundreds of years ago. It can obtain that antique look when exposed to the temperature fluctuations, the rain, and the snow. Some individuals prefer this look and others like to maintain the original shine of the rain chain. To preserve the original shine, there are sealants that are available that keep the elements from getting to the copper.

But no matter your preference when it comes to color, the copper rain chain can come in many different designs. Instead of just having regular cups hanging from the chain, your cups can be the shape of flowers, can have animal patterns on them, and so much more. You can more or less go as flashy you want or as plain as you want. It completely depends on what your individual taste is. Some people like to have this grand copper rain chain that brings about a lot of attention and others prefer to be more subtle.

Where to Place Rain Chains

As for where you place them, you can hang them from the spout of your gutter system. Some people may hang them from the spout of the gutter system on their garage or storage shed. However, most will hang them from their house. This helps funnel the water into whatever you want to use to catch the water. Many times a birdbath or a decorative ceramic bowl is used.

It is just utterly amazing how something as simple as a rain chain can do so much. There is also a lot of flexibility involved, including being able to lengthen the rain chain to a length that pleases you. Even the chains look great! So if you’re looking for something that accents your home, perhaps this is something you would like to try. You’ll probably enjoy it.