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Galvalume FAQ's

K Style Galvalume Gutter

Galvalume FAQ's:

1.  What are the suitable accessories for Galvalume gutters?
Answer:Accessories need to have at least the same amount of corrosion resistance that Galvalume has.
    A.) Hangers
        1.) Aluminum --more--
        2.) Stainless Steel
    B.) Fasteners
        1.) Aluminum Pop Rivets
        2.) Stainless Steel Screws
        3.) Zinc coated screws can be used but the zinc coating on the screws has a slightly less amount of resistance than the Galvalume.

2.  Can Galvalume gutters be soldered?
Answer:  Technically, yes. But it is extremely labor some and the some of the coating is lost when prepping the gutter. It is acceptable to use 12-1 Ruscoe seam sealant when connecting gutter lengths.

3.  Can bare Galvalume gutter be painted?
Answer:Yes, Galvalume gutter can be painted. The gutters first need to be cleaned to remove dirt and oils. A metal primer coat is recommended before applying the final coat.  Consulting a paint supplier who specializes in metal painting is recommended.

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