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Our European Half Round Copper Gutter system is the finest half round system on the market!  Made from heavy gauge copper, this solderless system is easy to install and made to last a lifetime.  The gutters are available in 16, 18, and an incredibly tough 20.44 oz. copper.  The downspouts and elbows are made seamless meaning that the seam is machine welded as opposed to having a lock seam.  The miters are stamped all out of one piece so there is no factory seam in the middle.  And we have fittings available that make this a solder free application.  This is European craftsmanship at it's finest!!

Please Note: The European Gutter System is only compatible with European Gutter Accessories.

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Euro Copper Gutter Systems Product Catalog

Just recently we have added a new material line to our website called Euro Copper.

Euro Copper adds a look of elegance to a home with its heavy-gauge copper. Euro Copper is also seamless so you wont have to solder at any time during the installation of the gutter system, but it is recommended that you do so.

Euro Copper gutters add a timeless elegance to your architectural project. They are beautiful, easy to install and very durable.

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