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Freedom Gray Copper has all the benefits of copper but with a gray colored finish that won't oxidize and produce the green patina stains that are normally seen in pure copper.  Its tin zinc coating adds further protection from the metal corroding over time and is environmentally appealing over lead coated copper.  

We offer a complete line of Freedom Gray half round gutters and downspouts all made from 16 oz. copper.  Our accessories include all the necessary fittings including the downspouts, elbows, miters, and end caps.  And our other lines of pure copper are compatible with Freedom Gray so you're free to use the copper gutter guards, strainers, snow guards and the like to compliment the system.  

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Freedom Gray Copper Gutter Information

Freedom Gray Copper Gutter Information

Tin-Zinc Alloy is applied to both sides of Freedom Gray Copper Sheets and Coils allowing for production of gutters and downspouts. This allows complete coverage and eliminates any voids that may be missed.  A pre-weathered (painted) --more-- finish is factory-applied to Fr...Read More

Freedom Gray Copper Gutter Installation

Freedom Gray Copper Downspouts

Moisture on the reverse side of zinc can cause severe corrosion. In some extreme conditions it can rust through in less than a year if avoidability is not made. In avoiding this problem, the underside of zinc must be ventilated and installed --more-- above the roof deck. A diff...Read More

Freedom Gray Gutters Vs. Zinc Gutters

Freedom Gray Copper Miter

When a house or business is in need of a gray metal roof, Freedom Gray Copper offers many advantages over Zinc. Freedom Gray Copper is easier to form, easier to install and more reliable to count on in any weather condition. --more-- These are the facts: More versatile form...Read More

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