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Preweathered Zinc Gutters and Preweathered Zinc Downspouts have proven to be an ideal, durable material for any gutter system and can last as long as copper.  Over time, preweathered zinc gutters and downspouts form an unstructured protective layer, uniform in appearance, from basic zinc carbonate which is patina.  The patina, which develops as a result of weathering, lends preweathered zinc gutter products their anti-corrosive properties.  This allows there to be little maintenance and cleaning to be done towards the gutter system.

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Preweathered Zinc Gutter Material

Preweathered Zinc Gutters

Preweathered Zinc Gutter Material has an exceptional processing properties, extraordinary durability and exemplary ecological compatibility, Preweathered Zinc Gutter material has proven to be an ideal, durable, weatherproof material for high-grade roofing, facade cladding and -...Read More

Preweathering of Zinc Gutters

Preweathered Zinc Gutters

For projects that require the look of a ”finished” Preweathered Zinc Gutters - surface patina upon completion of installation, Preweathered Zinc Gutter material has developed a technique known as ”preweathering”. This process, which is unique worldwide,...Read More

Preweathered Zinc Gutter System

Preweathered Zinc Gutters

Preweathered Zinc Gutters are the respected source material for highquality gutter systems. Superior material quality, continuous production control and compliance with the tightest manufacturing tolerances, ensure that all products included in --more-- the Preweathered Zinc Gu...Read More

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