Different Ways to Order Your Custom Gutters on GutterSupply.com

GutterSupply.com strives to be the country’s largest provider of gutters, accessories, tools, and machinery for both contractors and homeowners alike. With such a massive selection, it only makes sense that shoppers have numerous ways to order custom gutters to suit their needs. Here are the many different ways you can create and place your orders via GutterSupply.com.   Shop by Material and Style   The first way to shop for and order custom gutters on GutterSupply.com involves shopping by material and style. From the homepage, you will find an extensive list of gutter materials on the left of the screen. Different types of aluminum, copper, steel, zinc, vinyl, and even Galvalume are available. Once you’ve chosen your preferred material from… Continue reading »

5 Reasons to Inspect Your Gutter Hangers to Ensure They’re Not Sagging or Broken

Gutter hangers are vital components of your gutter system. Their job is to keep your gutters secure and at the right angle to adequately drain rainfall and meltwater from your roof. Sagging or broken gutter hangers (or brackets) can be incredibly problematic, and unless you inspect them regularly, you might find yourself in need of some significant repairs. Here are the top five reasons why you should always inspect your gutter hangers and repair them as needed.   #1 – Drooping Gutters Can’t Carry Water Properly   In order for water to flow freely, your gutters must be installed at a very slight (almost unnoticeable) angle. This is what essentially ensures that water does not seep into your roof or… Continue reading »

When You Should Be Using Half-Round Gutters vs. K-Style for Your Home

Today, most homes in the US utilize K-style gutters. They are incredibly effective, and they can be quite attractive. However, as time goes by, more and more homeowners are beginning to discover the benefits associated with half-round gutters. There are some subtle differences between the two styles in both appearance and function, so understanding these will help you make better decisions about your purchase.   Why K-Style Gutters are So Popular   K-style gutters have been designed to fit today’s more modern homes. They are flat on the side that attaches to the home, which means they can be installed directly to the fascia with fewer brackets and accessories. They come in various lengths and sizes, and you can find… Continue reading »

What’s the Best Way to Measure and Price Out a Gutter Installation?

If you are building a new home, renovating an existing one, or simply replacing an old, dilapidated gutter system, you are likely curious about the overall costs. Fortunately, you can estimate for yourself the cost of a gutter installation by taking the proper measurements and looking at the prices for gutter materials. Here are some tips and tricks for getting a rough estimate of the cost of your installation.   Calculate the Drainage Area in Square Feet   First, you will need to know the square footage of your gutters’ drainage area. For a gable-end roof, this is simple. Just multiply the length by the width for each side. If you have hip roofs or intersecting roofs, you will need… Continue reading »

How to Install Various Important Gutter Parts on Your Home

Whether you are interested in reinforcing your existing gutters or you need to make some repairs, it’s always a good idea to understand the best ways to install some of the most common gutter components on your home. Here, you will learn about some of the most common and important accessories as well as how to install them.   Downspout Rack, Drive & Key   A rack and key are used to attach a downspout to an exterior wall. For each story, you will need two racks and keys to properly fasten your downspout. This sort of fastener can be used whether your home exterior is masonry, wood, or stone, and it also works with most siding types. Fasten the… Continue reading »

Key Differences between Galvanized and Galvalume Gutters

When it comes to choosing materials for gutter systems, home and business owners have many options available to them. While galvanized steel is more popular for industrial settings than homes, it is gaining popularity. What’s more Galvalume gutters are also gaining traction? Here, you will learn more about the differences between galvanized and Galvalume gutters along with some of the pros and cons of each.   What is Galvanized Steel?   Galvanized steel is an incredibly popular building component, and it’s also very popular for industrial and commercial gutter systems. Essentially, it is steel that has been hot-dipped into zinc oxide, which creates a barrier designed to prevent corrosion, oxidation, and rust. Though galvanization does improve steel’s resistance to the… Continue reading »

What are the Key Tools Needed to Install a Half Round Gutter on Your Home?

If you are interested in making half round gutter installation a DIY job and you feel confident in your abilities, it’s important to make sure you have everything you need to get the job done right. Here, you will learn more about the tools you should have on hand and their unique purposes.   Traditional Tools   First and foremost, you will need to have some traditional tools that you most likely already have in your tool shed or garage. These are all fairly self-explanatory, and they include the following: Ladder Chalk Line Measuring Tape Pencil Screws Power Drill Tin/Aluminum Snips Hacksaw Needle nose pliers Other fasteners Level   Additional Tools   Some additional tools that you will need during… Continue reading »

Are Your Gutters Draining Poorly? Check to See if Your Gutter Screens are Filled with Debris

With the rainy season upon us, now is the time to make sure your gutters are up to the task of removing and rerouting rainwater from your roof to a safe area outside your home. If your gutters do not appear to be draining as they should, there are several things you can check – including your gutter screens. Here are some tips and tricks for improving your gutter system’s drainage.   Determining Your Gutter’s Drainage Capabilities   You may be wondering how you can tell whether your gutters are struggling to provide ample drainage. The best way to do this is to gauge the amount of flow exiting your downspouts during a rainstorm. If you have water spilling over… Continue reading »

The Ultimate Rain Chain Guide for Your Next Purchase

Rain chains are a beautiful and effective alternative to traditional downspouts, but only in certain situations. In this guide, you will learn when to use rain chains and when to avoid them, how they are installed, and the differences between the most common types of rain chains on the market today.   What Are Rain Chains?   Rain chains are decorative items that help guide the flow of water from your gutters to a predetermined location on your property. They take the place of closed downspouts to enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal and allow you to enjoy the sight and sound of flowing water. Imagine sitting on your porch and listening to a bubbling stream, even when there is no… Continue reading »

Painting Your House in the Spring? Here are Some Tips for Painting Your Galvanized Gutters

Galvanized steel gutters are durable, corrosion- and rust-resistant, and affordable, which makes them some of the most popular gutter styles in the country. Now that it’s springtime, homeowners are gearing up to paint their home exteriors, and many will also paint their gutters. Galvanized gutters can be tricky to paint, so here are some tips for getting the job done right.   The Trouble with Paint on Galvanized Steel   Galvanized steel is created when pieces of steel are hot-dipped into zinc to create a corrosion- and rust-resistant barrier. What’s more, as part of the galvanization process, the gutters are also coated in oil to prevent white rust from occurring. Unfortunately, zinc alongside the layer of oil makes galvanized steel… Continue reading »