K-Style or Half-Round: Which Gutter Style is Best for Your Home?

K-Style and Half-Round gutters are the two most popular gutter profiles installed on homes throughout the country. Why do these two options take the top spots? Mainly because they offer many benefits in both function and form. While their popularity may be similar, K-Style and Half-Round gutters each offer their set of unique features. Finding the right one for your home or business is simply a matter of learning what each style has to offer.


Gutter Supply K-Style Gutters

K-Style Gutters


The K-Style gutter is by far the mostly widely used gutter profile on the market today. In fact, K-Style gutters account for nearly 80% of all new installations. Their ease of installation, superior performance, and flexible options make them an attractive choice for customers searching for a smart investment.


One of the most notable features of K-Style gutters is their eye-catching appeal. Closely mimicking the highly-sought interior crown molding, this profile works well with many different home types from Victorian to modern.


K-Style is a flexible solution with many available sizes, lengths and even colors sure to work with each unique home. It can be a great choice for those needing a custom gutter solution. They are also flat on one side allowing the installer to easily fasten them to fascia board without the use of brackets.


For those looking for a seamless gutter system, K-Style gutters may be the answer. These gutters can be ran and cut into seamless lengths right on the job site. Seamless gutters offer many benefits. They are less likely to experience leaks and other common gutter problems. Also, because they are smooth on the inside, they are easier to clean and maintain over time.


Gutter Supply Half Round Gutters

Half-Round Gutters


While K-Style gutters may be the right solution for the masses, the Half-Round gutter offers a distinctive appeal perfect for certain homes. A more traditional look, it can be a good option for those looking to match a certain architectural style.


Half Round gutters are available in a single bead, a double bead and a reverse bead style. Most commonly available in copper and galvanized steel, half round gutters are also now available in a wide arrange of aluminum colors, making this system a viable option for many homes.
Half Round gutters have recently enjoyed a resurgence in the market place. With the introduction of the “Reverse Bead” half round gutter, this system allows for many of the benefits previously only available for K Style gutter systems; a wide variety of color choices, ease of installation, hidden hanger options and custom cut lengths to name a few.


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