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Gutter Cleaning Kit

$19.61 / EACH

Product Information


The Gutter Cleaning Kit allows you to clean up to 14 ft. of gutter without moving your ladder. It works with all types of gutters and is designed to reach under and around gutter hangers and other hard to reach places.

Gutter Grabber

Gutter Grabber

Use the Gutter Grabber to pull gutter debris toward you, and then you can scoop it out with a Gutter Getter scoop. It will decrease the time of cleaning out your gutters in half.

The Gutter Grabber blade shape digs into the corner of the gutter and lies flat against both the bottom and the side to give a more efficient cleaning for your gutters. Attached to any standard threaded extension pole, the Gutter Grabber allows you to extend your reach and really cuts down on ladder movement.

Look at all these features that the Gutter Grabber gives:

- Attaches to any standard threaded extension handle

- Sturdy, polypropylene construction

- Curved neck reaches over and under gutter hangers - even works well with gutters with overhanging shingles from repeated re-roofing

- Tip digs into the gutter's corner while the flat sides thoroughly clean the gutter

- A Sleek and Slender design lets you reach into even very narrow gutters

- Easy clean up

- The Hook lets the tool hang conveniently from gutter while you change positions or scoop debris out

- Works great with the original Gutter Getter scoop!

Gutter Getter Scoop

Gutter Getter Scoop

Here are reason's why the Gutter Getter is the one:

- Extended tongue reaches under gutter hangers.

- The Scoop flexes to fit your gutter

- Narrow heel makes it easier to pull the scoop from gutter

- It is made up of durable polypropylene

- It has a handy wrist strap that keeps the scoop readily at hand

- High handle position protects hands from scrapes, scratches, and the muck of the gutter debris

But that's not all the Gutter Getter can do. Use it year-round to:

- Scoop pet food

- Scoop laundry soap powder

- Spread rock salt

- Clean up after pets

- Add pool chemicals 

- The Gutter Getter is marked for easy measurement, too!

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