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Gutter Grabber

$10.57 / EACH

Product Information


The Gutter Grabber is a gutter cleaning tool that has a pointed blade that works from both the right and the left side of the ladder. It reaches into corners and scrapes the bottom of the gutter clean while dragging the debris to the user. The gutter grabber reaches over and under gutter hangers.

Additional Information

The Gutter Grabber is a natural extension of the Gutter Getter line, the line of quality products designed to make the tough job of gutter cleaning easier. The Gutter Grabber's patented blade shape digs into the corner of the gutter and lies flat against both the bottom and side to thoroughly clean the gutter. Built of durable, no-rust polypropylene. Gutter Grabber Plus comes with a sturdy, steel extension handle. The Gutter Grabber cuts down on ladder movement and lets customers clean even where a ladder won't go.

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