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Freedom Gray Copper Gutter Information

Tin-Zinc Alloy is applied to both sides of Freedom Gray Copper Sheets and Coils allowing for production of gutters and downspouts. This allows complete coverage and eliminates any voids that may be missed.  A pre-weathered (painted) --more-- finish is factory-applied to Freedom Gray Copper. To reduce initial reflectiveness, provide a natural, weathered appearance to the metal and minimize the possibility of corrosion during storage and transporatation.

The paint is applied in a controlled manner to assure that some of the surface is covered and some is not. This will create noticeable variations between panels, non-uniform patterns, textures. The Tin/Zinc alloy begins to darken immediately upon exposure, while covered areas begin little or no color transformation until the paint is removed through weathering.

It is vital to understand that the paint is a transitional phase only. It is NOT Freedom Gray Copper's final color or appearance.

Over time, as weathering breaks down the paint, and exposes the alloy, the initial differences fade away. Environmental conditions and exposure will dictate how long this will take. For roofs with Freedom Gray Copper Gutter System, most paint is usually removed within 12 to 18 months.

As with Copper, there will always be differences in the shades and colors of Freedom Gray Copper's  natural patina. These are NOT an indication of defective material. In many respects it is the variations that give Freedom Gray Copper its unique life, vitality and aesthetics.

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