Winter is over, installing Snow Guards should happen now!

(click image to enlarge) It is the middle of March, and there you are, out of coffee and everyone is rushing in the house getting ready, and you notice your car from the kitchen window. It has a thick, fresh layer of snow. And it is the wet, heavy snow. You are going to be late for work.Grinding your teeth because you did not put your car in the garage last night, you get your winter boots, hopeful that it will be one of the last times they’ll be worn for the winter. Your mindset is to get the snow scraper out of the back of your car… you say goodbye to your family and step out. Door slams and… Continue reading »

Are you ready for the first spring storm?

Mr. Stevens never saw it coming. It was raining rather hard for the first time this spring – the familiar nighttime thunderstorm knocked the power out. Then he heard something unsettling coming from the basement… the sound of water pouring in through the basement window. The problem was the gutter above that window. It was clogged which prevented the water from flowing off of the roof, into the gutter, down the downspout and away from the foundation.  Unfortunately and alternatively, the rain water overflowed from this gutter directly into the window below which resulted in a flooded basement. Installing gutter guards from would have been the preventative, worry-free solution. Gutter guards keep leaves and other natural debris from piling up in the gutter and blocking… Continue reading »