A Comprehensive Breakdown on the Different Half-Round Gutter Hangers and Their Applications

Half-round gutters are incredibly popular, particularly in homes made of stone or brick. However, when it comes to choosing the right accessories for installing half-round gutters, it’s easy to get tripped up when it comes to hangers. There are several different hanger types, and each one has its own unique set of benefits. This means that you should choose your gutter hanger based on your individual application.


Roof Hanger


The roof hanger is in the shape of the letter J and is designed to mount to the roof sheathing. Installation involves simply bending the hanger so it matches the pitch of the roof, then fastening the hanger to the sheathing via pre-drilled holes. This is ideal for situations in which the gutters should be hung from the roof sheathing rather than the exterior walls or fascia.


Hidden Hanger


Hidden hangers are ideal in situations when homeowners do not want the gutter hangers visible from the home exterior. These should be used with gutter wedges or threaded rods for additional support since the round gutters need to be braced in the back or supported in the front.


Bar Hanger


Bar hanger systems are the best (and in some cases, the only) system for double-bead half-round gutters. During installation, the bar is fastened to the roof deck via a threaded rod or bus bar hanger, and then the hanger simply slips over both beads of the gutter. Once in place, a pair of pliers is all it takes to clamp the hanger ends down on the bead.


Decorative Hanger


Decorative hangers are designed to be visible from outside the home and provide aesthetic appeal. There are different types of decorative hangers, but most are designed to be secured to the flat fascia board. It mounts flush, so it does not require spring clips or other accessories like the more traditional combo shank and circle hanger.


Rival Hanger


Contractors tend to prefer using rival hangers when it comes to gutter installations because they wrap entirely around the gutter. The hanger is fastened to a strap that is nailed to the roof sheathing during installation. The hangers are installed onto the gutters while on the ground; then, all that’s left to do is nail the straps to the roof sheathing. It makes installation quick and easy, which is something contractors and homeowners alike enjoy.


Combo Shank and Circle Hanger


The combo shank and circle hanger is the most popular hanger type when it comes to half-round gutters. The shank and circle are mounted in the factory, so contractors and homeowners receive this type of hanger in one piece. There are six screw holes designed to make it easy to mount to the fascia, and after the gutter is inserted into the half-circle, a metal spring clip over the bead of the gutter holds everything in place.


There are many different types of hangers that can suit just about any application, whether you want invisible hangers, decorative hangers, or just a quick installation. Some should be mounted to roof sheathing, and others are designed for fascia. With all these choices, finding the perfect hanger for your needs should be a snap.


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