DIY Gutter Cleaning & Repair Tips

Keeping the gutters cleaned and maintained is an essential part of any healthy home. Clogged or broken gutters can pose a threat to your siding and landscaping even leading to costly foundation problems. Fortunately maintaining a healthy and functional gutter system is easy when you follow some basic rules for DIY gutter cleaning and repair.


Here a few of’s top DIY gutter cleaning and repair tips:


Gutter Cleaning Tips


Work safely with a good ladder. Working from heights can be dangerous. The ladder you use should not only be functional but also the right size for the work at hand. A ladder stabilizer can be helpful for those using an extension ladder.


Use the right tools for the job. There are many products you can use to make cleaning your gutters easier and faster. Something as simple as a gutter scoop or a gutter grabber can help get the job done.


Protect yourself using safety goggles and rubber gloves when working. You’ll also want to wear a shirt with long sleeves when cleaning your gutters.


Always remember your splash blocks! When cleaning the gutters, it is important to always check that your splash blocks are still in place and functioning well. They perform the important function of funneling all the rain water away from the home.


A pressure washer is safe to use on your gutters only if the sections are safely secured. When using this type of equipment be careful not to aim the stream too close to the top of the roof. This could lift the roofing shingles.



Gutter Repair Tips


It is always essential to repair any leaks your gutter may be experiencing. Holes i the gutters and cracks in caulking are both common culprits. A beaded silicone can be applied for smaller leaks.


Flush water into a clean system to check for leaks and proper drainage. This is an easy way to diagnose any underlying issues with your system. Remove any clogs from your system and clean out all the leaves and muck before you check.


Know when to replace. Large amounts of rusting and severely damaged gutters can sometimes make repair work ineffective. It is important to know when your gutters are in need of replacement. Sometimes it is possible to replace only the small sections that are in disrepair.


Don’t forget the details. Soldering repairs and coatings can leave your gutters looking a little worse for wear. Applying a touch paint to the area can help your gutters look good again. A metal polish can be used on copper, brass and other metal gutters and accessories.



Before beginning any gutter project always make sure you have the right tools on hand to complete the job. For simple, hassle-free ordering, visit us at Our website makes it easy to find the essentials products you need to complete any type of gutter cleaning or repair.


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  1. Thank you so much for mentioning that a great way to help diagnose any leaks that may exist in your gutter is by first, clearing out any debris in it, and then flooding it with water. The rainwater tank hasn’t been filling up as full as it usually does with this weather, so we have a feeling the gutter may be broken. We will probably flood it to see if it’s actually broken, and then we’ll be calling a repair service to help us make sure that they are working perfectly.

  2. Best part about this article where you mention when to change the gutters because otherwise it doesn’t matter how much amount of money did you spend on it.

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