GUTTER MACHINE GIVEAWAY: It is easy to earn 5 bonus tickets in July!

Gutter Machine Giveaway
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16 thoughts on “GUTTER MACHINE GIVEAWAY: It is easy to earn 5 bonus tickets in July!”

  1. JD Installations
    Lake Zurich, Il
    I found when pitching a K Style gutter you should use a 4' level. Allow the bubble to just touch the line pitching toward your drop outlet. Also you should install a downspout every 40'.

  2. The best advise I received when I first started estimating is that a good indicator that the gutters aren't working properly is when you go to an estimate and gutter is blown out right before downspout. That's a good indicator that either there's not enough downspouts or that you need gutter guards, because it's not draining out fast enough.

    Ken's exterior masters

  3. When installing ANY downspouts & elbows, ALWAYS use zip screws to fasten them together. Do not use rivets. If you need to take them apart later on to clean them out, it will be easier to back out screws rather than drilling out rivets. This will save you a lot of time & effort during a service call.

    Charlie's Gutter Works
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA

  4. When installing, if the gutter falls below the drip edge to maintain pitch, always flash that area between the gutter and drip edge.

    John Briggs
    Madison, WI

  5. Putnam Seamless Gutters
    Alexandria Bay,NY

    I advise everyone who lives in snowbound areas to add extra hangers when installing a seamless gutter, especially when involving a metal roof, and to make sure they are clear of debris to avoid back-ups during thawing phases.

  6. Gutters & More Andover, MN ….Don't be that guy who puts a zip screw in the backside of the downspout to connect it to the elbow!

  7. Any time that you are butting the end of a gutter against a wall, be sure to flash the end if there is any type of unavoidable gap that would allow water to pass.

    Alaska Premier Gutters
    Anchorage, AK

  8. Eliminate gutters from saggy and/or over loading, install 4 inch down spouts every 20 feet.

    Maintenance Services and Construction
    1108 Main Street
    Vincennes, IN 47591

  9. Be sure to have some slope (fall) in your gutters so that they will properly drain into the downspout. It may seem like obvious advice but lots of folks forget to do this.

    Greg B.
    Cobra BEC, Inc
    Arlington, TX

  10. When installing caps that recess in. Angle the screws so they don't pierce the outside of the cap. I always double seal all seams.

    K.W. Travis Construction
    Wellsville, Ohio

  11. When installing box miters or strip miters always seal bottom side that touches gutter as well as inside of miters it doubles your chances of no drips in these areas. Jeff Mays Gutter Magic Henderson ,Ky.

  12. Place A Crimp On the Back Side Of Gutter Where A Drop Outlet Is To Help Slope Both Sides Toward Drop. Hostetler Seamless Gutter Utica, Ohio

  13. When installing gutters with a steel roof use the level as a straight edge off of roof and hold gutter a half inch below that. Then run it downhill from there. This will allow the snow & ice to slide over gutter without ripping it off. Phil's Seamless Gutters Centuria, WI.

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