Gutter Machine Options: Your Questions Answered

When purchasing a gutter machine for your business, there are a lot of option to consider. You may feel a little overwhelmed and wonder what exactly your company really needs. With this plight in mind, we will delve into the most frequently asked questions business owners have when looking to purchase a gutter machine.


What size do I need?


The size you need to invest in depends on what your market is calling for. Do your customers primarily use 5-inch, 6-inch, or a combination of both? In addition to basic 5-inch, 6-inch, and combination models, there are also gutter machines that create 5 ½ inch fascia, and gutters with an Alcoa-hook style.


Should I purchase a machine with polyurethane or steel drive roll system?


Models with polyurethane drive roll systems are considered top of the line for numerous reasons. There is less material waste when using these, and they are free-floating, which means they do not have to be carried around from job site to job site. They are also able to run 24-gauge steel, whereas those with steel drive roll systems are not. Of course, this means polyurethane models are also more expensive. You will require one of these to run steel, but if you only run aluminum and copper, you could get by with a cheaper steel drive roll system.


How long will it take for my gutter machine to arrive?


It depends on the brand and model you are purchasing, but buyers can usually expect their gutter machines to arrive anywhere between ten days and four weeks after ordering. Some gutter machine distributors may have express delivery options that cut time, but this usually comes with a higher price.


What additional equipment comes with my gutter machine?


A gutter machine is usually sold as a package deal from manufacturers that will also include the spools and guillotine. Some packages also include additional accessories, or these accessories may be offered at an additional price when you purchase your machine.


What accessories or additional options are available?


There are three common accessories available when you purchase your gutter machine. These include:

  • Run-Out Stands- sometimes come with the machine package; are used to hold the gutter as it rolls out of the machine, which helps prevent downward sloping in your gutters
  • Floor Cradles – Allows you to place coil in cradle and run it through instead of loading a small amount into the machine for small footage projects; sits just behind the machine
  • Machine Mounted Cradles – Can be used in place of an upright for easier loading and unloading of coils


Should I purchase a new or used gutter machine?


Used gutter machines can be a great purchase if you are already familiar with the machines. They tend to fall out of alignment more often than new models, but this is easily remedied by someone with a mechanical background. They are also a lot cheaper than brand new models, but some companies prefer to invest in new, so they are positive of what they are getting.

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