Why Rain Gutters Need to Be in Tip Top Shape

Rain Gutters.  We all know what they are.  Rain gutters are those things that drain water away from the house, right?  While many know the basics about rain gutters, most don’t know how important they are to the structural integrity of the home or building they protect.  And, just as importantly, they don’t know how critical a good rain gutter system can be.


Ever wanted to learn more about your rain gutters?  Below are some of the top rain gutter questions we get at GutterSupply.com.


What are the benefits of rain gutters?

Rain gutters offer many essential benefits to the home or property they protect.  Their main function is to channel excess rainwater away from the home rather than allowing it to pool around the foundation, windows, doors and more.  Rain gutters also help safely drain the water off the roof allowing it to stay drier too.  Additionally, fascia boards and soffits are protected from wood rot and other common water problems.


Why is rain gutter maintenance so important?                                                                             

Gutter maintenance is important because it keeps your system running smoothly.  Early prevention helps maintain the system so that larger problems are less likely to occur.  Depending on your property, most gutters need to be cleaned at least once to twice a year.  Homes with more nearby foliage may need to clean more often.  You also want to keep the joints and downspouts in check.  Clogged downspouts and leaky joints can be just as troublesome as the rain gutters themselves.


Do I need gutter guards too?                                                

Adding gutter guards, also known as leaf guards, to your home is a personal choice.  Gutter guards attach to the top of the rain gutters preventing leaves and other debris from entering the system.  They come in many styles from stainless steel mesh filters to foam inserts.  Homeowners with lots of trees nearby often opt to install guards over their gutters.  Doing so reduces the amount of gutter cleanings needed throughout the year.  It also makes the job of cleaning the gutters easier as they are less likely to be overfilled.


How do I know if my rain gutters need to be replaced?

There are many telltale signs to let you know when your rain gutters are beyond repair.  Sagging gutters or gutters which are pulling away from the home are the most common.  If your gutters are split or cracked, you also need to replace them.  If you notice peeling paint or brown-orange flecks on the gutters, rust has begun to form. And if water collects underneath the system or pools near the foundation, gutter replacement is a wise choice.  Many times single sections can be replaced but sometimes a completely new system is necessary.

Never take your rain gutters for granted!  Keep them in tip-top shape so that both your home and everything inside it is protected.  When it comes to selection, there are many rain gutter options to choose from to match your unique property.  From high-performing stainless steel to beautiful copper, the options are endless.  For the largest selection of quality rain gutters visit GutterSupply.com.  We are America’s top supplier of all things gutter related and sell directly to both contractors and homeowners alike.  Visit our website today to learn more about rain gutter products.

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