Summer – contractor jobs go into full swing!

Summer, believe it or not, is just around the corner. This is the time when roofing contractor jobs go into full swing.
As a roofing contractor, do you also make suggestions about guttering products to your customers? Suggestions on new gutters or how to keep their current gutter system working properly year round?
One thing we would suggest would be to tell your customers (those who definitely need enhancements, improvements, or an entire gutter system overhaul) about aesthetic enhancements. Casually mention rain chains and their functionality, and don’t forget gutter guards. We have them in many styles for different applications. Why not show them samples and give them a talk about preventative maintenance for their gutters? Give us a call – we can even make sales sheets with your logo for your business, absolutely free of charge.
There are home owners out there who need a new roof, and they think that is all they need. If their roof needs replacing, you as a contractor know that the gutters might also need some help. Either replace damaged gutter parts, or replace everything all together and make that house look like new.
Costs are involved and usually, home owners look for a cost that would be friendly with the pocketbook. Not only them, but you as a contractor also look for good prices. We have them! offers supplies at bulk pricing, and anything under the roof when it comes to, well, gutter supplies. Call us! 888-909-7246
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