The Top 5 Tools to Make Your Job Easier

Work as a professional gutter contractor can be a tough job. Working efficiently while staying safe on the job is important to growing your business. Fortunately, there are a number of tools designed specifically with the gutter contractor in mind. Here are some of the best products to help you on the jobsite.
Ladder-Max Ladder Stabilizer If you use an extension ladder on a day-to-day basis, you need to invest in the Ladder-Max Ladder Stabilizer. The only standoff to be certified by OSHA for roof placement, this professional-grade stabilizer allows users to easily access high areas without damaging the customer’s gutters. Featuring 19 inches of standoff, this product keeps you in a natural position and not straining to reach. The unit quickly and easily attaches to a variety of extension ladders and is constructed of 16 g. heavy duty galvanized steel tubing.
Gutter Mate
Gutter Mate 
The Gutter Mate works like an extra pair of hands on the jobsite. Holding one gutter end up while you work on the other, the Gutter Mate is a great tool to keep the system level during installation while allowing you to work efficiently. It also self-adjusts accommodating for pitch with ease. 

Midwest Seamers A quality seamer can be a gutter contractor’s best friend and Midwest seamers are some of the best out there. This line of tools comes in 3-Inch, 5-Inch, 6-Inch and 9-Inch straight seamers and feature rugged, durable components. To add even more value, the Midwest seamer’s blades are also easily interchangeable.
NailHawg™ Magnetic Nail SweeperThe NailHawg™ Magnetic Nail Sweeper is a great tool to have on hand to keep the jobsite clean. Its innovative magnetic assembly collects debris with ease and will last for years to come. This product also features a hand/toe release for quick collection of nails into one dedicated spot for disposal. 
NailHawg™ Magnetic Nail Sweeper
Gutter Getter Scoop
Cleaning clogged, neglected gutters just got easier with the Gutter Getter Scoop. This inexpensive but effective product is lightweight enough to bring to any jobsite but designed with durability in mind. The Scoop’s shape makes it a perfect fit for virtually any size gutter, and its flexibility makes it easy to access even the narrowest of openings.
Gutter Getter Scoop

Gutter Grabber Along with the Gutter Scoop, the Gutter Grabber is another great product in the Gutter Getter line of professional tools. The Gutter Grabber features a pointed blade to efficiently clean every inch of the gutter from corner to corner. The company also offers the Gutter Grabber Plus which includes a steel handle extension making the work go even quicker.
At, we understand that the work of a professional gutter contractor can be difficult. To make the job easier for those in the field, we are dedicated to supplying effective, quality tools at the best prices around. With an emphasis on customer satisfaction, our team is trusted by contractors nationwide for all of their gutter supply needs. To learn more about the products listed here or additional gutter tools carries, click hereor contact us at 888-909-RAIN.

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