Why Decorative Copper Aluminum Makes Sense

Want the look of copper without the high price tag?  If so, you may be interested in learning more about Decorative Copper Aluminum.  As professional contractors continuously search for cost-effective alternatives to standard copper gutter systems, many are finding decorative copper aluminum as an excellent economical yet beautiful alternative.  It offers a practical, inexpensive approach to the traditional gutter system while adding charm and beauty to the home.  Read on to learn more about why this material is becoming a popular choice among homeowners and contractors alike.

Decorative Copper Aluminum Gutters

Practical & Cost-Effective
Copper has been a popular choice for gutter systems for decades but is often out of the price range for most property owners with modest homes.  Many like the look and appearance of copper but simply can’t afford the high price tag.  Designer copper aluminum is a great option for those wanting to add depth and texture to their gutter system without the expensive cost.  This economical alternative can help homeowners enjoy the appearance of copper without breaking the bank.

An Attractive Alternative
Many homeowners and professionals alike find designer copper aluminum an attractive alternative to traditional copper.  If installed properly, it can provide years of use while maintaining a gorgeous appearance.  For contractors, it is also easy to install and comes in both K Style and Half Round options.  When installing larger systems, contractors should be aware that differing batches may vary.  Because of the process in which it is painted, the color and texture of the decorative copper aluminum materials may not be 100% consistent from batch to batch.

Skip the Copper ShineWhile some homeowners appreciate the look of brand new, shiny copper, others prefer the more weathered appearance it offers after years of exposure to the elements.  For those looking to skip the beginning stage, designer copper aluminum may be the answer.  Designer copper aluminum creates the look and feel of copper during the second stage of the weathering process.  This usually occurs after one year of the copper’s installation.  Using a multi-step painting method, the aluminum base is given two coats to add texture to the finish while creating an aged, weathered look.   The results are a beautiful, rich dark brown gutter fixture that will keep its color and not turn green like typical copper.   
A decorative copper aluminum gutter system can be a great way for contractors to offer a “copper-like” solution to those customers on a more limited budget.  Not only are these systems easy to install, they also offer the beauty and attractiveness today’s homeowners are looking for.  At GutterSupply.com, we carry a full line of decorative copper aluminum gutters and gutter accessories both in K Style and Half Round.  As a leading online supplier of all things gutter-related, GutterSupply.com also offers aluminum, copper, and galvanized steel systems along with gutter machines and gutter guards.  We are dedicated to providing our dealers the best selection of gutters supplies at the lowest prices anywhere

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