Why Micro Mesh Gutter Guards Might Be Your Best Friend This Fall

Fall is in the air and, for many people, watching the leaves change from green to lovely hues of orange, yellow, and red is truly a welcome sight. Finding those leaves in their gutters, however, can be an uninvited hassle. Rather than spend these beautiful fall days scooping leaves out of your gutters, consider a micro mesh gutter guard instead. It’ll make maintenance simple without interfering with your gutters’ proper operation – often, in fact, improving it.


What Gutter Guards are Designed to Do


Gutter guards do precisely what their name implies: they fit over your existing gutter system to prevent the unwanted entry of debris that can cause clogs, overflows, and significant damage over time. There are several different types and styles available as well. Often, they are made out of mesh with openings small enough to keep debris out, but large enough to let water in. And many of those offered by companies like Clean Mesh or Micro Mesh brand gutter guards utilize snaps that fit over the gutter, allowing rain to fall into the system while keeping debris out.


The Benefits of Micro Mesh Gutter Guards


Micro mesh gutter guards are gaining popularity, and for good reason. The openings along the mesh are very small, ideal for keeping out even the smallest debris, including tiny bits of shingle stone that may otherwise find their way into the system. Gutter guards simply fit into place over your existing gutter and come in a choice of colors and materials to suit the exterior of your home. The industrial-grade paint finish extends the aesthetic appeal of the micro mesh, and thanks to the corrosion-resistant stainless steel, these gutter guards will last for many years.


In most cases, professionals can install the gutter guards in a matter of hours, and many homeowners can install them on their own too. They work with both five- and six-inch K-style gutters and with screen enclosures. Thanks to the gutter guards’ unique shape and louver system, it will draw rainwater into the gutter system while allowing things like leaves and seed pods to simply slough off.


Gutter Guards are Investments


Some homeowners may be hesitant to add gutter guards because of the extra cost associated with their purchase and installation, but these systems should be viewed more as long-term investments than short-term expenses. By keeping debris such as falling leaves, pine needles, acorns, and even shingle stone out of your gutters, you will ultimately spend less time and money keeping them clean. Also, without the added weight of such debris, gutters will last much longer and will be less prone to causing damage to your home itself – especially during the winter months when clogging debris can create ice dams. Gutter guards, in fact, will likely pay for themselves within the first couple of years.


If you are tired of spending hours each season cleaning seasonal and other debris out of your gutters just to keep them in working order, micro mesh gutter guards are a perfect solution. Whether you’re a homeowner interested in purchasing them for your home, or a contractor interested in providing your clients with an outstanding value, it’s hard to go wrong with the excellent protection afforded by these simple guards.


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