Why Trying to DIY your Own Gutters Could End up Disastrous

contractorWhile there are numerous home repair projects that can be undertaken in a DIY capacity, gutter replacement should not be considered as one of them. Here are a few reasons why it is best to leave this particular type of work to the professionals.


You Could Injure Yourself
Every year, thousands of home owners are injured as a result of falling off roofs and ladders while trying to replace gutters. While some of these injuries are minor such as bruises, scrapes and sprains, many others are far more serious, such as broken bones, concussion or even paralysis. In many cases, you will end up spending more money on medical bills – and possibly a replacement ladder as well – than you would have outlaid if you had simply hired professionals to do the job in the first place. Another factor to consider would be that you would also end up losing out on income while you are recovering from the injuries sustained after falling off the roof or ladder.


The Job Could Become Bigger than you Thought
Many people think that replacing gutters is as easy as simply removing the old units and replacing them with new ones of the same size and design. However, in most cases, it will not be nearly as simple as you think. While you are up on a ladder trying to replace them, you may soon discover that the project is going to be far bigger than you envisioned. This is especially true if barge boards, roof tiles or sheet and/or siding that is situated close to the gutters is in need of repair or replacement as well. Additionally, only an experienced installer will know how much of a pitch will be required on your home’s gutters to prevent water from damming up in them during the rainy season.


Costs will be higher than you envisioned
If you think that you are going to save a lot of money by purchasing the materials and replacing your home’s gutters yourself, you are very much mistaken. Gutter and roofing companies are normally able to get the stock needed at far better prices than you are because they purchase everything in bulk from their suppliers – whereas you would be purchasing a far smaller quantity of the same stock from your local hardware store. It is better to let a gutter expert obtain the required materials after a site has been inspected, as this will ensure that the correct items are purchased in the right quantities.


Another benefit of hiring an experienced gutter installation company is that they will most likely be able to offer you the option of seamless gutters. These not only look far nicer; they are far less likely to come apart or leak at any time. If your home’s gutters are in need of any repairs or they require replacement, get in touch with us today to find out about the various options that we will be able to offer you.

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