Why You Should Inspect Your Gutter Hangers at Least Once a Year

There’s a good chance that you clean your gutters at least once a year, and you might even perform an inspection while you’re at it to check for rust, cracks, or other types of damage. Your gutter hangers are also an integral part of your gutter system, so it’s important that you take the time to inspect these, as well. Here are some reasons to inspect your gutter hangers and what you should look for in the process.


Drooping Gutters are Inefficient


The sole purpose of your gutter system is to move rainwater from the roof to an area out in your yard or a drainage system, thus preventing damage to your foundation or landscaping. Even though you can’t see it, your gutters hang at a very slight angle to allow for water to continue to flow. If your gutter hangers are even slightly loose or bent, they may compromise this angle and cause a droop. If your gutter droops in more than one place, water cannot flow efficiently, and you may experience potentially devastating overflow.


Gutter Hangers Can Cause Damage to Your Home


Gutter hangers can attach to homes in a variety of ways. Some attach directly to the side of the home, some attach to your fascia, and others attach directly to the roof. Over time, if these hangers start to fail, they can “pull” where they are attached. As an example, your roof sheathing may eventually crack or become stripped, or if your hangers are attached to the fascia, they could pull down the entire board over time. Finally, hangers attached to siding can pull the siding away from your house. All of these result in unsightly damage and expensive repairs.


Gutters are Only as Strong as the Weakest Link


Think of your gutter like a chain with numerous links – the gutter hangers – that keep things in good working order. These hangers exist at set intervals to hold not only the weight of the gutter itself, but also the weight of the gutter when it moves a large amount of water during a downpour. If one of the hangers fails, this puts a strain on all the others in the system, increasing their chances of failure at the same time. Inspect your gutter hangers regularly and be sure that you repair any that may be loose or damaged. Failing to do so could result in a serious and expensive failure of more hangers later down the road.


A Damaged Gutter System Can Even Affect Your Health


There’s little doubt that an inefficient or damaged gutter system can have a detrimental effect on your home and property, but it can also damage your health. A gutter system in disrepair often leads to pools of water in both the gutter and on your property, and these are prime real estate for mosquitos that can carry disease. Mold is also a concern; prolonged exposure to moisture from a leaking or overflowing gutter offers the perfect breeding ground, and many of these can cause serious physical illness.


When inspecting or cleaning your gutters, be sure to pay special attention to the hangers. Check to ensure they are not loose or pulling away from your home and replace any hangers that have broken or bent. Doing so could prevent costly repairs, and it can even protect your health.


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