Winter is Coming: Things You Should Know About Snow Guards

The first day of winter is December 21. Are you ready? As we unpack our boots and parkas, tune-up the snow blowers and turn on the furnaces, it is important to also consider how we can better protect the outside of our building. Snow guards are one of the easiest and most affordable solutions to the common problems created by snow and ice.

Here are 10 things you should know about Snow Guards:

1. Snow guards are an affordable solution to a common problem. Many roofs experience excess snow and ice buildup. Snow guards offer an affordable way to manage this dangerous hazard. With options available for any budget, they are an economical solution for those with snow and ice problems.

2. Snow guards help prevent damage to the building. By reducing snow avalanches and ice damming, snow guards help prevent damage to other critical areas of a property. This includes the gutter system, roofing structure, and even the building’s interior. They also protect the landscaping below from huge loads of heavy, wet snow.

3. Snow guards won’t hurt your roof. Many homeowners worry that installing snow guards will damage their existing roof, but, when applied according to specification, snow guards are a safe solution. In fact, they can actually add value to your home or building.

4. Snow guards are a universal solution. Snow guards aren’t just for one certain type of structure. They can be used on a wide variety of building types from single family residences to office complexes, shopping centers and more.

5. Placement is important. Where you install the snow guards can have a great impact on how well they perform. Many make the mistake of placing them on the highest part of the seam. This often reduces the effectiveness of the system. Rather you want to place the snow guards near the lowest area of the roofing panel where snow and ice accumulation occurs.

6. They can be functional and attractive. When most think of snow guards, they envision metal pieces attached to a roof. While there are many options like this, there also many more to fit any type roof for an attractive, seamless finish. Snow guards are available in clear, copper, bronze, black and more.

7. Snow guards can be used on new or existing roofs. They are a great solution for both! Even older properties can be fitted for a new snow guard application. It is never too late to consider how snow guards can improve your property.

8. Snow guards are useful in many different climates. You don’t need to live in the upper Midwest or Northeast to reap the benefits of snow guards. Many regions throughout the country and beyond receive at least one heavy snowfall a year. Snow guards can be helpful during these storms and useful whether you see 50 inches of snow a year or just five.

9. Snow guards help evenly distribute the snow weight. One of the most critical benefits that snow guards provide is their ability to evenly distribute the weight load of the snow on your roof. This is essential for preventing further roof damage and lessening the risk of other hazards for both your property as well as pedestrians.

10. Installation is simple, if you do your research. While installation of new snow guards is not difficult, it is important to do your research first. Take time to learn the best practices for installing the new snow guards you have selected. offers this helpful guide to assist you.

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