Winter is over, installing Snow Guards should happen now!

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It is the middle of March, and there you are, out of coffee and everyone is rushing in the house getting ready, and you notice your car from the kitchen window. It has a thick, fresh layer of snow. And it is the wet, heavy snow. You are going to be late for work.

Grinding your teeth because you did not put your car in the garage last night, you get your winter boots, hopeful that it will be one of the last times they’ll be worn for the winter. Your mindset is to get the snow scraper out of the back of your car… you say goodbye to your family and step out. Door slams and suddenly, you get hit by a heavy snow avalanche from the roof of your house.

You get knocked down to your knees and in a flash you think “I should have had those snow guards installed last Spring!” It could have been worse and you are happy the snow fell on you and not on the rest of your family.

Sliding snow problems can be prevented with Snow Guards from  Snow Guards are the preventative measure to keep snow and ice from forming an avalanche off from traditional slanted roofs. They also highlight a roof’s aesthetic appeal and design.

Our snow guards are designed to prevent mass quantities of snow and ice from avalanching off of roofs, causing extensive damage to property and people below. To learn more, simply click here.

With many different styles of snow guards to choose from, has the right product to fit your needs.

Tis the season! Many styles of snow guards are available for sale for the months of March and April!

For more information on snow guard products, styles, and installation, please visit our website or call us at
(888) 909-7246.

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