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Galvalume Gutter Wedges

If you're installing gutters on angled fascia, we stock 6" Half Round Galvalume Gutter Wedges for 6" Reverse Bead Half Round Galvalume Gutters.

These wedges offer premium strength and durability. They are made from corrosion-resistant galvalume that will protect the integrity of the gutters and keep them from tipping forward.

Galvalume uses a process similar to galvanization, but incorporates silicon and aluminum into the zinc. While the coat dries, aluminum and zinc bond into a stronger surface that features aluminum's corrosion resistance.

There's no need for a roof strap or crimping. Simply clip the wedge onto the back of the galvalume gutter. Wedges should be installed on the same spacing as the hidden hangers, which are placed every 24" - 32".

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