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Designer Copper Aluminum Gutters

Designer Copper Gutters are aluminum with a unique painting process that resembles the marbled, variegated look of true copper.  Different than a new copper penny appearance, designer copper aluminum mimics the next color in the copper patina process.  After pure copper weathers to the elements it starts to patina from shiny copper, to brown and then to darker and lighter shades of green.  The marbled brown look is often the desired appearance as it blends well with many cedar and slate roofed homes.

Designer copper aluminum undergoes a two part painting process which is how it gets its marbled, textured appearance.  So just like pure copper, the painting process ensures each piece won't be exactly the same. 

Designer copper aluminum gutters are available in 5" and 6" k style profiles as well as the 6" reverse bead half round aluminum profile.  

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