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Paint Grip Steel Gutters

Paint Grip Steel Gutters are made of bonderized “Paint Grip” steel. Bonderized steel is galvanized steel that is processed through a phosphate bath. This provides a corrosion-inhibiting, crystalline zinc phosphate, micro-porous surface that promotes adhesion of the top coatings.

This process produces the dull gray color characteristic of bonderized “paint grip” steel that provides an excellent “primer” for painting applications. If you plan on painting your gutters, this is the perfect option for you. Your gutters will be ready for painting immediately, and the Paint Grip Steel increases the life expectancy of the paint. At the end of the day, bonderized steel gutters save you time, money and convenience, especially if you’re planning to paint your gutters anyway.

They are available in 5" and 6" sizes and in 10' and 20' lengths in both K Style and Half Round profiles. 

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