4 Tips for Helping Your Customers Select the Right Gutter Guard System

Gutter guard systems are one of the best time-saving, homeowner-friendly products roofing and gutter contractors can offer their customers. Not only do they save people from having to clean their gutters every spring and fall, they also are an invaluable way to ward off serious home ailments created by clogged gutters. Leaking basements, rotten wood, and ice-covered walkways can all be caused by the buildup of leaves and debris in the gutters. While gutter guard systems use to be considered by many as expensive and out-of-reach, there are now solutions to fit every homeowner’s budget. Helping customers select and install a system onto their home not only increases your sales but offers a great service to them.

Help your customers select the gutter guard perfect for their needs using these 4 helpful tips:

  • Find out their roof and gutter types – Does your customer have a K-Style or Half Round gutter system? What is their roof constructed of? Not all gutter guards work with every type and brand of roof and gutter systems. Consider asking the customer before your visit to ensure you only offer solutions that will work for them. For existing customers, make a note of these items on your next service so you are prepared when they are ready to purchase. Visit Gutter Supply’s Leaf Guard Compatibility Chart for an easy reference tool to keep on hand.
  • Consider their budget – Simply asking “How much are you looking to budget for this project?” is a great way to start the gutter guard conversation with your clients. Some may be looking for a small upgrade and be interested in gutter screens while others find surface tension and hybrid systems more desirable. During this process, don’t underestimate the value homeowners also place on ease of use, durability, and warranties. Make sure to cover all the advantages and disadvantages of the varying systems when discussing pricing options with them.
  • Know the surrounding areas – Being aware of the close proximity of vegetation such as tree types can help you offer the best solutions for your customers. Homeowners with nearby pine trees will need to be extra careful in keeping those pesky needles out of the system. Also keep in mind the region in which they live. Colder climates will need gutter guards constructed of materials that can more easily handle extreme temperatures.
  • Inquire about maintenance preferences – Knowing your customer’s maintenance preference is a good way to ensure they select a product that they are happy with for years to come. If they don’t mind a yearly ladder visit, you may want to offer more simple solutions such as gutter screens. Gutter covers require cleanings typically every couple years, a solution fit for those with less interest in household chores. When discussing maintenance concerns considering offering service packages to your clients. This is a great way to build recurring revenue while keeping your customer’s gutters in tip-top shape.
Want to learn more about Gutter Supply’s huge selection of gutter guard systems? Visit our product catalog hereor call us toll-free at 1-888-909-RAIN (7246).

4 thoughts on “4 Tips for Helping Your Customers Select the Right Gutter Guard System”

  1. Recently my gutters have started acting up and leaking so I have been thinking about getting them repaired or replaced. One thing that I really appreciated in this article is considering my budget for the project. durability and warranties can be extremely helpful and make the process easier.

  2. This is some really good information about gutterings. It is good to know that it would be smart to have a know your surrounding. I liked that you pointed out that if you have trees around your home you should keep the leaves away. That is good for me to know as a new homeowner.

  3. I didn’t know that you needed to consider what the roof is made of when choosing a gutter guard. I need to get a guard for my gutter and need to find the best company to help me get it. Hopefully, I can do some research and find the best gutter guards in my area.

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