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At, we cater to both the professional contractor as well as homeowners wanting to tackle the job on their own. Whether for budgetary reasons or because they simply like learning something new, a lot of people find hanging their own gutters both satisfying and easy to do.
A big benefit to taking on this type of project yourself is the amount of money you can save in installation costs. Recently a customer saved thousands installing his own copper gutters on his Seattle home. After teaching himself to solder using a 300W soldering iron he bought on eBay, he was able to install the entire system for just $2,500 in supplies and materials ordered from This is a far cry from the $8,000 he was quoted by a professional contractor. And the end result was stunning!


Considering installing your own gutters? Keep these things in mind:


1. Save Money
Installing your own gutters will save you money in installations costs. At we offer competitive pricing on all the materials and tools you need to complete the work. Keep in mind though that if the gutters are installed incorrectly or don’t function as they should, you could be paying for repair costs down the road.


2.Install on Your Schedule
Many cities throughout the U.S. have seen a shortage of skilled laborers in recent years. This means that contracting companies don’t have enough manpower to keep up with the demand. When you decide to take on the job yourself, you can install on your schedule – not someone else’s.


3. Easy Online Ordering
There are few things worse than staring at shelves of product at your home repair store and not knowing what you need. makes getting the supplies you need easy. Our online store offers thousands of quality products at the best prices you will find anywhere. Not sure what you need? We have an expert team on staff ready to take your calls. Simply dial 1-888-909-RAIN for help.


4. Materials Matter
The material you chose to use will make a big difference in how you install the gutters as well as how easy the process is. Vinyl is a lightweight option that is easy to cut and work with. Copper may be a little more cumbersome to work with but, if you remember our customer success story, a viable option.


5. Sectional or Seamless
Today’s gutters can be installed in sections or in seamless sections. Most home improvement stores only carry 10 foot sections of gutter. This is not ideal because you will have a seam every 10 feet. With every seam there is a potential leak spot. offers gutters cut to length, up to 20 feet. If you need a 5 foot piece, a 12 foot piece and a 20 foot piece, no problem. All will be cut and shipped to your specifications, directly to you. Also, home improvement stores typically carry a much lower gauge metal than a contractor supplier like Be sure to check your specs and make sure you are getting a quality gutter system.


If you are a homeowner considering installing your own gutter system start by educating yourself on the process. This Old House offers a great video on installing aluminum gutters. Their website also has many other helpful articles and resources to get you started. When ready to complete the work rely on the team at for all your supplies and materials. We have the professional-grade products you are looking for at prices that can’t be beat. Shop our online catalog today!

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