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July 9, 2020 | by Mike Milliman

Do You Live in a Stormy Area? Tips for Keeping Your Gutters Pristine

It’s the time of year for thunderstorms across much of the United States, and for some, that means severe weather with high winds, hail, and even tornadoes. Though there’s not much that homeowners can do to prevent severe weather, there are a few tips you can use to keep that damage to a minimum no matter where you might live.

Trim Your Trees

Falling tree limbs can be incredibly destructive. The larger ones can crush cars and even homes; smaller limbs can break windows or take out your gutter system in a flash. As such, one of the best ways to keep your gutters pristine if you live in a stormy part of the country involves trimming your trees each year (or as necessary). If you can trim tree limbs to the point that they no longer overhang your home, they are far less likely to cause damage to your gutter system if they should fall.

Use a Foam Filter Insert

Another great way to help prevent significant damage to your gutter system is to utilize filter inserts for your gutters. These products are designed to help prevent clogs by keeping debris out of your gutter system, but they can also provide at least a little protection from hailstones. Leaving your gutters uncovered or utilizing a metal/PVC covering can help a great deal with debris, but when hailstones start to fall, they can cause a great deal of damage. Though foam gutter filters are not bulletproof, their polyether foam is far more resistant to impact than bare metal, PVC, or vinyl.

Inspect Gutters After Storms

No matter what steps you might take to keep your gutters safe during storms, damage is not entirely unavoidable. Despite your best efforts, you might find sections of gutter that have pulled away from your home due to wind, or you could even find sections that have cracked due to impacts with hail or other debris. Leaving damage unrepaired can actually make things a great deal worse (and more expensive, at that). It’s always a good idea to inspect your entire gutter system after a storm, especially if that storm contained high wind or hail. The sooner you can find and repair the damage, the better.

Choose Heavy-Duty Gutter Materials

Finally, perhaps the best way to ensure that your gutters can ride out even the nastiest storms unscathed is to choose the best gutter material for your needs. Though materials like aluminum and vinyl are sturdy and can last for decades with proper care if you live in an especially stormy area that is prone to damaging wind and hail, investing in steel gutters is an option to consider. Though no gutter material is completely immune to damage, some are far more durable than others.

If you are concerned about your gutter system’s condition, appearance, or functionality due to storms and high wind in your local area, these tips can help. It’s impossible to completely protect your system at all times but choosing the right materials and accessories, trimming your trees, and inspecting the system after severe weather can help with aesthetics and longevity.

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