A Comprehensive Guide to Downspout Drainage Options

A Downspout is the vertical section attached to a gutter, typically found on the corner of a home or building. A downspout moves water away from a home, preventing leaks, flooding, and costly damage. Before you buy your new downspouts from GutterSupply.com, take the time to check out the following guide to learn more about your many options.


Are Downspouts Enough for Your Needs?

Downspouts come in various sizes in order to move large amounts of water away from your roof. Though, there are some cases when rainfall in an area is so heavy, that downspouts simply cannot move water away from your home quickly enough. In these instances, downspouts alone will not provide enough protection, so you will need to take additional measures. Extending downspouts or installing an additional drainage pipe – and in some cases, both – will allow water to flow more smoothly and quickly.


Common Sizes, Shapes, and Styles for Downspouts

Downspouts come in various shapes and sizes, designed to complement any gutter system you may have now, or choose in the future. They include the following:


  • Plain Round Downspouts in 3”, 4”, 5”, and 6” sizes.


  • Round Corrugated Downspouts also in 3”, 4”, 5”, and 6” sizes.


  • Rectangular Downspouts in 2×3”, 3×4”, and 4×5” sizes.


  • Spiral Downspouts in a thick or thin 4” size.


Once you have determined the shape and size you need, you can also choose your material. There are numerous choices that range from everyday aluminum, to stainless steel, and even beautiful copper. You can even find decorative downspouts that truly make a statement and give your home amazing curb appeal.


What About Rain Chains?

Rain Chains are a popular alternative to downspouts in many areas, and they provide a gorgeous look that simply cannot be otherwise duplicated. A rain chain will guide water from the horizontal gutter down into chains or cups that end in a decorative container or a drainage pipe. Though rain chains do not move water as quickly as over-sized downspouts, they certainly do move more water than you may think. We provide numerous options, including cup style, link style, and themed rain chains, and you can also buy a wide variety of accessories for installation and use.


What to Do About Clogged Downspouts

The biggest problem homeowners tend to experience with downspouts is clogging due to leaves, twigs, and other debris entering the gutter system from above. When the clog gets large enough, the rain cannot flow through the downspout, which causes it to back up and spill over the edge of the gutter. It’s typically a simple task to push the debris through, and you can even remove the downspout for easier cleaning. However, installing a gutter guard is the best way to prevent clogs, and reduce gutter maintenance for good.


GutterSupply.com provides homeowners and contractors alike with all the products, accessories, and even machines they need to ensure their downspouts look amazing and function appropriately. By making sure your downspouts are in good repair, you can prevent damage to your landscaping, basement flooding, foundation cracks, and much, much more.

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