Everything You Need to Know About Galvalume®

Choosing the right material for a new gutter installation is a big decision.  What makes the choice even more difficult is the many options available on the market today. Depending on your customer’s preference and budget, galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, and vinyl are all viable solutions.  Another material to consider is Galvalume® steel.   For many contractors, this product is the preferred choice for their gutter supply needs.  Below are a few of the frequently asked questions we receive on Galvalume®.

What is Galvalume®?
Galvalume® is a material constructed of steel coated with 55% aluminum and 45% zinc during a continuous hot dipping process.  This unique coating protects the steel from corrosion while creating a tough, long-lasting finish.  Galvalume was first manufactured in 1975 and has been thoroughly tested in many types of environments.
What are the benefits of using Galvalume®?
There are many reasons why Galvalume® Steel has become a popular alternative to standard aluminum gutter systems.  Here are some of its benefits:
·         Corrosion Resistant
·         Strong & Durable Metal
·         Resistant to Fingerprints & Smudging
·         Weathers Uniformly
·         Cuts & Bends are Protected
·         Roll-formed Dry & Oil-free
Which accessories can I use with Galvalume®?
It is best to only use accessories that are as resistant to corrosion as Galvalume®.  Below is quick guide on which accessories are best suited for use with Galvalume® steel.
          Stainless Steel
          Aluminum Pop Rivets
          Stainless Steel Screws
          Zinc-coated Screws (can be used but zinc coating is slightly less resistant to corrosion than Galvalume®)
How does Galvalume® compare to Galvanized Steel?
What sets Galvalume® steel apart from galvanized steel is its longevity.  Depending on the environment in which it is installed (rural, industrial, marine, etc.), Galvalume® can last up to nine times as long at galvanized steel.
Which Galvalume® gutter options does GutterSupply.com carry?
GutterSupply.com is proud to offer our customers Galvalume® steel in both a K Style and 6” Reverse Bead Half Round option.  Click here to access our comprehensive materials lists for both styles. 
Can Galvalume® be painted?
Absolutely.  Galvalume® can be colored to match any existing exterior though, unlike galvanized steel, painting is not necessary to lengthen the life of this product.  Prior to beginning, first remove all oils and dirt.  We also recommend using a metal primer coat before a final coat is applied.
Are there any special concerns with soldering, welding, bonding, and fastening Galvalume®?
Most contractors find Galvalume® very easy to work with but there are some special considerations you should know about.  Visit our Galvalume® Fact Sheet to learn more.
At GutterSupply.com, we are dedicated to only offering the best in gutter materials and supplies.  Visit our website to learn more about Galvalume® or any of the other products we carry.  As a leading online source for contractors nationwide, we are committed to providing industry-leading products like Galvalume® at exceptional value for our customers.

2 thoughts on “Everything You Need to Know About Galvalume®”

  1. Can a 2 too 1 mixture of bleach and water cause corrosion on galvalume gutters. I was told that washing them with bleach and watch causes them them to have black corrosion spots and more

    1. Thanks for your comment Richard. We would recommend not using bleach on Galvalume. Bleach, even when mixed with water, is very corrosive to Galvanized Steel. Although Galvalume has an Aluminum and Zinc coating, probably best to stay away from bleach and use a mixture of 1 part Ammonia and 10 parts water and rinsing with fresh water and allowing to thoroughly dry.

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