November 3, 2015 | by Mike Milliman

Everything You Need to Know About Snow Guards

For the last 300 years, people from around the world have found creative ways to prevent snow avalanches from falling off their home’s roofs.  In 1976, Jack McMullen introduced the first clear polycarbonate snow guard marking the beginning of today’s version of the modern snow guard.  Regardless of its design, a guard serves one main purpose – preventing the avalanche of snow and ice from falling off the roof surface.  By evenly distributing the accumulation, these guards can be very effective at reducing heavy loads of wet, heavy snow from damaging what lies below the eaves and gutters.  Useful for both residential and commercial applications, snow guards can be a welcome addition to any building located where large snowfalls can occur. 

Below are 10 facts every professional contractor needs to know about snow guards:

1. Snow guards are also commonly known as snow brakes, snow brackets, snow stops and ice guards.

2. Snow guards come in many styles to fit different applications.  For example, those manufactured for use with an asphalt or slate roofs will have a slotted bar to slide underneath the shingle.

3. Snow guards can be painted and finished to match the existing roof’s exterior for a seamless look and finish.

4. Installing quality snow guards can be a great way to prevent ice damming on the edge of the roof.

5. Shingles never need to be taken down to install a snow guard.  While the installation may be more specialized for certain types of roofs, all guards simply need to be fastened into place.

6. Snow guards not only safeguard people and pets but also property.  Snow guards protect a home’s gutter system from being weighed down and damaged by large amounts of dense snow.  It also prevents huge loads from falling onto outdoor furniture, landscaping and decks or patios.

7. There is a snow guard solution for every roof type.  No matter what the roof is constructed of, how it is designed, or what age it is, there is a fit for every need.

8. Installing snow guards can lead to lower insurance costs.  Because liability is greatly reduced during winter when snow guards are in place, many insurance companies offer discounts to those homeowners who choose to use this type of system.

9. Snow guards are not only for new home construction.  They can also be installed onto existing homes.

10. Snow guards come in many materials including polycarbonate, copper and stainless steel.

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    1. Thank you for your comment! Yes they really work. The Snow guards purpose is to hold the snow and ice in place on your roof (so that it doesn’t slide down in large pieces causing damage to whatever lies below – gutters, landscaping, people, cars, etc.), allowing the heat of the sun to melt the ice and snow over time.

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