Rain Gutter Overflow

When the weatherman calls for rain, are you going to wait until you see your gutters clog, overfill with rain, and just pour water down the side of your house?
Rain gutters are there for a reason – to keep water off your home’s foundation. They prevent the ground around your house from flooding by channeling away water from the roof.
Clogged gutters can backflow into the home, almost guaranteeing water damage, so keep those gutters clean and free of debris by installing gutter guards. And depending on your home’s layout on your property, you can also add downspout extensions, which can be moved around, extending farther from the downspout.
A gutter backflow doesn’t just trickle – it happens rapidly! Imagine the gutters around your house filled with leaves. It doesn’t take much for the gutter outlets to clog with a few leaves during a heavy rain. Water will be sent down from the gutter overflow. Eventually, the soil around the foundation will erode.
If you don’t take care of the gutters with some preventative maintenance that could last a long time, you are looking at costly home repairs. Prevent them, and prevent your gutters from looking like this:
So if the forecast calls for rain, remember your gutters and what condition they are in. Preventing gutter overflow can go a long way and it will save you money in the long run.

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