The Contractor’s Guide to Staying Safe on the Jobsite

For gutter installation contractors, much of their work is completed outdoors and often at heights that would make the average person a little queasy.  The nature of the job carries with it many hazards to avoid especially when working alone.  Staying safe on the jobsite is not only important for your health but also for the success of your small business.  Imagine being hurt on the worksite and not being able to work for weeks.  Taking just a few extra precautions, using some simple protective tools and being smart about how you work can all help keep you protected while on the clock.
Here are a few safety rules that every gutter installation contractor should know:
Use the Right Gloves for the Job
Thick work gloves should be used when working with nails, screws, gutter debris, and other hazards.   Leather Palm Gloves work great for everyday use and prevent punctures.  Gloves designed specifically for copper handling such as the Copper Wonder Gloves keep unsightly fingerprints from getting on the material.  
Stay Safe Working at Heights

Be smart when working at heights.  You may want to invest in fall protection for extreme heights while at other times relying on simply common sense.  First, never attempt to work on a roof when there is an accumulation of ice present.  Also never lean over the edge and be cautious of utility lines that may be near you.  You may also want to invest in equipment that frees your hands for better body control.  Products like the Gutter Mate allow you to work quickly and safely using both hands.

Be Smart About Ladder Placement

Ladder safety is a must in our industry.  First, always inspect the ladder before each use.  Secondly, always place the ladder on stable, level ground and away from doors, sidewalks, and other general walkway areas.   When ascending the ladder, never step up onto the last two rungs.  Depending on the height of the property you are working on, a four-step ladder or longer extension ladder can be used.  Lastly, never place the ladder directly onto the gutter. This places additional weight and pressure on the gutter and may cause it to dent, crack or collapse making the ladder (and your footing) unstable.  A ladder stabilizer can be a great tool to add needed support.

Protect Your Eyes

Whether you are cleaning gutters or working with rivet and nail guns, it’s important to protect your eyes from flying debris. Use glasses or goggles that are lightweight enough to be comfortable to wear but provide protection from every angle.  Goggles can also be used but many find them cumbersome to put on and wear. 

Use Rubber-Soled Shoes
Rubber-soled shoes provide the grip and traction you need when working on rooftops or in slippery conditions.  Keep in mind that many shoes are listed as “slip-resistant” but don’t provide adequate support.  Before investing in a pair, make sure the sole is constructed of 100% rubber and not polyurethane or polyvinyl chloride (PVC).  Rubber provides better slip-resistance.

One of the best ways to stay safe on the jobsite is by investing in the right gear.  At, we carry a number of products all designed to protect you while you work.  From leather working gloves to ladder stabilizers, we have one of the largest selections of gutters supplies and tools all at great prices.  Click here to learn more about the safety protection that carries or contact us at 888-909-RAIN.

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