The Rainy Season is Here! Check Your Gutters Now for Leaks!

Rainy days can be frustrating to say the least. If your gutters are leaking, the frustration grows even more. Leaky gutters can cause all kinds of problems, ranging from a slight annoyance, to a repair valued at tens of thousands of dollars. Here are some of the reasons why you should be checking your gutters for leaks sooner rather than later.


Leaks Lead to Roof and Fascia Damage

When your gutters are leaking and failing to move water as they should, it can result in roof leaks. Most of the time, homeowners are not even aware that these leaks exist until the damage has already been done. By the time you see water spots on the inside of your home -either on the ceiling or the walls- there’s a good chance there is already rot, and perhaps mold growth going on behind the scenes.


Siding Can Rot and Show Signs of Damage

Another common problem and tell-tale sign of leaky gutters will be in the siding of a structure. Siding may swell or become discolored; and, depending on the material, it may rot, leading to structural damage. This happens when the water runs over the side of your gutters, rather than through them, and comes into contact with the siding itself. Whether your siding is vinyl, wood, or some other material, this moving water can be detrimental.


Landscape Erosion

Depending on the nature and location of the leak, if the water falls into a flowerbed or even a shrub, it can cause unsightly damage. Leaks that allow water to pool near patios can cause cracks. If the leak falls onto a wooden deck, it can cause discoloration and warping over time. In fact, you may even find water damage on your driveway – or even worse, a serious crack. Water spilling over the sides of your gutters can kill grass and dig trenches into soil, as well.


Flooding Basement or Crawl Space

Flooded basements are another common result of gutter leaks. Remember that when they are working properly, your gutters should be moving water away from your home. When they leak, this can cause pooling around the side of your home. Over time, the water saturates the ground and begins to put pressure on your basement walls, and this can ultimately cause devastating flooding.


Cracking Foundation

Of all the problems directly related to leaking gutters, a cracked foundation is arguably the most devastating. A foundation is responsible for keeping your home stable, and when it has been compromised, your home is in danger of serious damage. Water that pools near your foundation due to leaking gutters is a leading cause of foundation cracks, so it is important to repair any leaks that lead to such pooling immediately.


Your gutters play an important role in keeping your home in good repair. Failing to check them for leaks – and failing to repair any leaks you notice right away – can turn a repair that may have cost $100 or less into a repair that takes tens of thousands of dollars and many months to fix. Call 1-888-909-RAIN to get started on gutter maintenance. We serve thousands of contractors and provides all the materials you need to fix leaky gutters, including various gutter materials, at affordable prices.


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