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March 6, 2019 | by Mike Milliman

Thinking About Exterior Renovation? Here’s What You Should Know About Painting Gutters

Exterior renovation is a great way to improve your home’s curb appeal, make it more desirable to prospective buyers, or perhaps just refresh the look of your home. For many homeowners, painting is one of the biggest undertakings in an exterior renovation project, and there are plenty of questions surrounding gutters. Here, you’ll learn the basics of painting your gutters and how to get the best possible results.


Yes, You Can Paint Metal Gutters

It’s a common misconception that metal gutters cannot be painted, and many homeowners either replace their gutters altogether or simply deal with a color they do not like because of it. The truth is that painting gutters is not only possible, but it’s also relatively easy – even if you plan to do it yourself. With a little preparation, the right tools, the right paint, and some safety equipment, it’s possible for you to make your gutters look like new in any color you want. Of course, for homeowners who are not comfortable climbing ladders, it is best to call a professional painter.


Preparing the Gutter

Before you start laying down paint, it’s important to prime your gutters. This will help you get an even coat, and it will also ensure that the paint adheres to the surface properly. Clean your gutters thoroughly by removing the leaves and using soap and water to remove any debris on both the inside and the outside. You’ll need a good scrub brush and some elbow grease to remove stubborn ground-in dirt and grease, but it’s well worth it. While you’re cleaning, remove the braces so that you can paint the areas under them for full coverage.


Don’t Skip the Primer

Primer is an important step, especially when it comes to painting metal surfaces. Even the best quality exterior paints will have difficulty adhering to metal gutters, and primer will help with adhesion and give you a longer-lasting finish. Make sure you choose a primer that is designed for outdoor use – either a clear acrylic or a standard oil-based product will work. Regardless of what you choose, be sure it is ammonia free since ammonia can cause bubbles under your fresh coat of paint. After applying the primer to the entire gutter, let it dry and cure for 48 hours.


Apply Two Coats of Paint

After the primer has been left to cure for 48 hours, you can start painting. You should use the exterior paint of your choice, making sure that it will stand up to the elements, including cold wind, beating sun, and rain. Be sure that you pay special attention to every part of the gutter – including the inside – to extend the life of the paint job and make it look amazing from any angle. Let this first coat dry and set for 24 hours, then apply the second coat. After another 24 hours, you can put the braces back on the gutters and admire your amazing work.


Painting gutters is not the difficult or impossible task that many homeowners believe it to be. In fact, with the right tools, it’s possible to get it done in two weekends – one weekend to clean and primer and another to add the paint. Gutter Supply offers aluminum gutters and accessories that are affordable, durable, and take paint exceptionally well, so if you are looking for paintable gutters, be sure to give them a look.

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