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Copper Snow Guards

Snow Guards are designed to keep the snow on the roof and prevent it from sliding off and doing to damage to the roof, gutters, landscaping, and even pedestrians that are below the roof.  We carry a number of different copper snow guards for all types of different roofing systems including slate, tile, cedar, metal and shingle roofing.  Feel free to call on us to help you find the right snow guard and snow guard layout for your project.

Copper Snow Guards Articles & Resources

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What Are Snow Guards?

RT Mini Clear Snow Brake

Snow guards are like tabs that are strategically placed on a roof. They are placed in those areas in which snow begins to slide when it starts to melt. Being that snow starts to melt from its underside first, the water that results forms a lubricant on the roof that causes th...Read More

Why Should You Look Into A Certain Snow Guard For Your Roof?

AP 400 Snow Guard / AP 516 Snow Guard

Well, there are plenty of reasons why. Those reasons include:  - Not having to worry about ice damming at the edge of the roof. This can cause any water from melted ice from escaping the roof. This can cause water damage and very expensive roof repairs.  - Having...Read More

What Are The Advantages Of Having Snow Guards?


- Even distribution of the snow weight.   - Prevents snow from overloading gutters.   - A snow guard can be installed on new or existing roofs.   - Snow guards have a variety of installation methods....Read More

Why Do I Need Snow Guards?

No. 20 Snow Guard

Does it snow a lot in your area? If it does, you probably hear the horror stories of how people have had snow simply avalanche off of their roof. This can be very dangerous to people and to property.  Although the white stuff seems rather beautiful and can be a lot of fu...Read More

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