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Copper Snow Guards

Snow Guards are designed to keep the snow on the roof and prevent it from sliding off and doing to damage to the roof, gutters, landscaping, and even pedestrians that are below the roof.  We carry a number of different copper snow guards for all types of different roofing systems including slate, tile, cedar, metal and shingle roofing.  Feel free to call on us to help you find the right snow guard and snow guard layout for your project.

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What Are Snow Guards?

RT Mini Clear Snow Brake

Snow guards are like tabs that are strategically placed on a roof. They are placed in those areas in which snow begins to slide when it starts to melt. Being that snow starts to melt from its underside first, the water that re...Read More

Why Should You Look Into A Certain Snow Guard For Your Roof?

AP 400 Snow Guard / AP 516 Snow Guard

Well, there are plenty of reasons why. Those reasons include:  - Not having to worry about ice damming at the edge of the roof. This can cause any water from melted ice from escaping the roof. This can cause water damage...Read More

What Are The Advantages Of Having Snow Guards?


- Even distribution of the snow weight.   - Prevents snow from overloading gutters.   - A snow guard can be installed on new or existing roofs.   - Snow guards have a variety of installation methods....Read More

Why Do I Need Snow Guards?

No. 20 Snow Guard

Does it snow a lot in your area? If it does, you probably hear the horror stories of how people have had snow simply avalanche off of their roof. This can be very dangerous to people and to property.  Although the white s...Read More

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Different Roofs Need Different Snow Guards

Snow guards are great to have, especially if you live in a snow prone area. No. 95 Snow Guard AssemblyIf you get any degree of snow where you live, it is probably a very good idea to look into this because you never know when you are going to get the snowfall of a lifetime. History has shown us that many areas that receive minimal snowfall each year see a huge snow storm at least once every decade. That is why you need to be prepared because you do not want that one snow storm to cause extensive damage to your home.
Choosing The Right Snow Guard
Snow guards are as unique as the roofs they are on. That is why you have to choose the right snow guard for your roof. But you're probably wondering what the difference is. Well, you have different types of roofs. For example, you have tile roofs, slate roofs, and shingled roofs. You even have metal roofs and cedar roofs.
Loop The Loop Snow GuardThe snow guard that you use has to fit that particular type of roof. For example, you may have a slate or asphalt shingled roof. This means that you will have to have a snow guard with a slotted bar that you can easily slide underneath the shingle. There is no need to have to remove the single in order for the snow guard to fit properly. All you have to do is use a nail to secure it and you are done. It's as simple as that.
Even if you have a metal roof, you are not doomed. There are certain snow guards that are designed to fit this type of roof. You see, there are seams on a metal roof, which is good news. This is good news because the snow guard fits on that seam with two prongs that are clamped on top of the seam using a simple tool such as pliers.
If you have a roof made of cedar or flat tile, you have an option as well. Of course there is special installation involved, but isn't it like that with them all? Of course it is! The good thing, though, is that you don't have to tear your shingles or other roof covering off of the roof in order to make it all work. It is a rather simple process.

You Have Options With Snow Guards

At least you now know that you have options. It doesn't matter what type of 10 Alpine Snow Guardroof you have or how much snow you get, you can relax with the thought that you will not have massive avalanches happening at your house. This is something that is important for the safety of the people around your home and the safety of your property. You can even buy your snow guards based on how much snow you actually get each year. Some localities may need stronger snow guards for the fact that they receive many feet of snow each year. Just make sure that you don't underestimate Mother Nature. Use your best judgment and you should be okay.

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