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Copper Gutters

Both elegant and durable, copper is a great choice for a gutter system.  With a tract record dating back several centuries, copper is the best long term investment of all the metals used for producing gutters.  As copper weathers, it develops a rich patina coating which gives it its natural beauty and its longevity at the same time.  Copper is a non corrosive metal that solders easily which makes it a relatively maintenance free system that will last upwards of 80 years. 

We have copper gutters in all shapes and sizes; from K Style to half round, and from highback to custom fabricated, we have everything you need and can ship customized lengths up to 20 feet!

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Solder and Sealants

Solder and Sealants: Copper Gutter construction methods have traditionally relied on solder to ensure water tightness and to strengthen joints and seams.The solder used is common 50 50 tin-lead bar solder for uncoated copper,...Read More

Design Area of Pitched Roofs for Copper Gutters

Design Area of Pitched Roofs for Copper Gutters

Design Area of Pitched Roofs for Copper Gutters:  The roof area to be drained is a key factor in designing copper gutters and copper downspouts.  The area of roof contributing runoff to each copper gutter and copper do...Read More

Weathering and Patination of Copper Gutters

Copper Gutters

Weathering and Patination: The oxidation process that gives copper its characteristic green patina is a result of exposure to an acidic atmosphere. The process is, therefore, faster in some metropolitan, marine, and industrial a...Read More

Surface Selection for Copper

Copper Gutters

Surface Selection: The preparation of the surface onto which copper gutter applications will be applied depends in part on the substrate selected and the copper gutter applications.  A number of consi...Read More

Staining of Copper Gutter Applications

Copper Gutters

Staining: The wash of water over copper gutter surfaces can have additional impact. Moisture in contact with copper gutter surfaces tends to pick up small quantities of copper salts. When this moisture contacts with absorbent ma...Read More

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